Souzai-Ya offers the freshest and healthiest Asian dishes in Southern California.

Souzai-Ya was created and established as a wholesale company in 2011, which manufactured Japanese Vegan Deli Products, specialized in healthy, delicious Japanese cuisine for home or on-the-go. Kino & Yayoi, who were the founders, wanted to share their love of authentic healthy Japanese cooking with the American public.

Since BlueTree Gourmet took over the Company, Souzai-Ya, we have succeeded in proudly serving more variety healthy Asian Deli Items such as Bibimbap and Chapche to LA's Health-conscious crowd and started appealing in local health food stores and high end markets.

When you think "eating healthy", one thinks of less portion sizes on what we eat, "boring" salads, or other idea that don't sound appealing. Luckily, with our products, you will enjoy the tasty healthy meal with right amount of portion while eating all the veggies, grains and protein included.

My company's goal is to provide the healthiest and heartiest food at the best value possible to our customers. BlueTree Gourmet Products are natural, healthy, and are made from all locally sourced produce. In recent years, Asian cusine has become increasingly popular among American consumers. Although some signature Korean dishes such as Bibimbap and kimchee have gained popularity, I believe these products could be made more available to a broader audience. Our products, which are freshly made daily and prepackaged can be consumed hot or cold, would make a great addition to the local health stores' Grab n Go Deli stations. They would offer customers a unique meal option that they could not find otherwise unless they went to a distinctly Asian market or restaurant.

We are confident that our products will meet the demand of our customers.